What do we mean by a good video? What is a Meet/Voici video?

Our goal is to get you new customers, more exposure and increase the effectiveness of your existing advertising efforts.

We create all of our films based on simple and effective principles. It has to be based on an interview, be unscripted, it must not be staged – we have to show what actually happens, and the film must promote your business without feeling like an ad.

Once you have a Meet/Voici video the first benefit will be from your current customers, because they know and love what you do and now have a great way to share with others.

The video then makes you easier to find, and anyone new being introduced to your business through your advertising efforts will now be more likely to become a customer.

Finally you will be plugged in to the audience built by our past and future customers through the Meet / Voici Moncton websites. Everytime we add more videos to our collection, it broadens the audience for your video.

Our brand of video is not just about the success of individual videos, but our value lies in the collection of Meet/Voici videos as a whole.