Do you know something cool in Greater Moncton that isnt here? We’d love to hear from you!

A Meet Moncton short film can be about anything, from furniture refinishing, goat farming, to covering an event or the preparations for a play… the possibilities are endless. So long as it adds to the story of Greater Moncton – we want to hear about it, and let more people know about it.


Hidden Gems

If you know about a local hidden gems that you think deserve to be in the spotlight.

Give us a shout!


Be sure to keep us in the loop on what cool and interesting happenings are taking place here in Greater Moncton.

Let us know!

Moncton Only?

We aren’t strictly bound to Greater Moncton. So long as it is less than an hours drive away from Moncton. Its all good!

When in doubt, ask!

A Meet Moncton short film can be about almost anything!